This is a reel I edited for a DP, Corey Wascinski. It contains footage from the show I worked on with him for Doomsday Preppers and various documentaries he shot about boxing, Iraq and the Mexican border

Alone on History Channel is a show where the participants have to not only survive the longest, they have to film it themselves. Below are samples I've worked on from all three seasons.


Doomsday Preppers on National Geographic is a show that explores the sections of society who think that society's days are numbered. Whether the cause of the apocalypse is natural or manmade, the plan is always the same: be prepared for anything. The clips below are the show open from 3 seasons and a clip of a "prepper" from that season.

Editing Systems

  • Avid Media Composer
  • Avid DS Nitris
  • Avid Symphony
  • Avid Unity
  • Final Cut Studio
  • Apple Color
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Davinci Resolve

Additional Software

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe After Effects
  • FTP
  • Mac and PC proficient.

Television, Film, and Web






Alone: Lost and Found (Season 4)
History Channel, Leftfield Entertainment, 2017




Alone (Season 3)
History Channel, Leftfield Entertainment, 2016/2017

Food Porn
FYI, Leftfield Entertainment, 2016




Alone (Season 2)
History Channel, Leftfield Entertainment, 2015/2016

Building Off the Grid: Mud Men
DIY Network, 2015

Greatest Givers: The Lottery Changed My Life
TLC, Sharp Entertainment, 2015

Greatest Givers: Extreme Couponing
TLC, Sharp Entertainment, 2015

Holy and Hungry
The Cooking Channel, Leftfield Entertainment, 2015

Cutting it in the ATL
WE tv, Leftfield Entertainment, 2015

Alone (Season 1)
History Channel, Leftfield Entertainment, 2015




Outrageous Giant Food
Food Network, Sharp Entertainment, 2014

Discovery Channel, Sharp Entertainment, 2014

The Fabulous Life of Mariah Carrey and Nick Cannon
VH1, Sharp Entertainment, 2014

Years Living Dangerously-Webisodes
Showtime, The Years Project, 2014
Symphony Colorist

Man Finds Food
Travel Channel, Sharp Entertainment, 2014




Doomsday Preppers
National Geographic Channel, Sharp Entertainment
Editor(Season 1), Senior Editor(Seasons 2-4), 2011-2014
4 Seasons, 50+ Episodes




Biography:Chelsea Handler
Biography Channel, Sharp Entertainment, NY, 2011

Sundance, Sharp Entertainment, NY, 2011
Additional Editor

Fortune Sellers
Tru TV, Atlas Media, 2011
5 Episodes
Online Editor

Teen Mom 3: Checkup with Dr. Drew
MTV, Goldcrest Post, 2011
Online Editor

Coming Up Roses
Bullet Pictures, 2011
Additional Editor




Say Yes to the Dress: Big Bliss
TLC, Post Factory, NY, 2010
6 Episodes
Online Editor

House Hunters International
HGTV, Post Factory, NY, 2010
10 Episodes
Online Editor

Cash Cab
Discovery Channel, Post Factory, NY, 2009-2010
20 Episodes
Online Editor




This Emotional Life: Rethinking Happiness
PBS, Post Factory, NY, 2009
Online Editor, After Effects Artist

Mega Movers (Pilot)
MTV, Post Factory, NY, 2009
Online Editor

Say Yes to the Dress
TLC, Post Factory NY
9 Episodes, 2009
Online Editor

Hidden Potential
HGTV, Post Factory NY
8 Episodes, 2009
Online Editor

Discovery Channel, Post Factory NY
2 Episodes, 2009
Online Editor




Full Frontal Fashion
(New York/London/Milan/Paris/Haute Couture/Los Angles/Miami)
Ultra HD, Rainbow Media
5 Seasons-250+ Episodes, 2006-2008
Editor, Online Editor

Reservations Required
Ultra HD, Rainbow Media
12 Episodes, 2006-2008
Online Editor

Ultra Eye
Ultra HD, Rainbow Media
8 Episodes, 2006-2008
Online Editor

Behind the Label
Ultra HD, Rainbow Media
15 Episodes, 2006-2008
Online Editor

Fashion Avenue
Ultra HD, Rainbow Media
2 Seasons- 20 Episodes, 2006-2008
Online Editor

Cover Stories
Ultra HD, Rainbow Media
8 Episodes, 2006-2008
Online Editor